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Hi my name is Pete and I am a freelance website designer / developer based in Penzance West Cornwall. I deliver bespoke websites which are not only aesthetically pleasing, functionality is also a principle factor that is fundamental to delivering a good website. My websites are built to comply with modern HTML 5 web standards, ensuring they are accessible, and compatible with all commonly used browsers and devices.

With the recent advent of Google claiming to prioritising websites that are user friendly when viewed on a mobile device, I can guarantee your website will be responsive (that is, viewable through devices from desktop PCs to mobile phones).

In addition to gaining many years of web development experience, I have recently graduated with a Bachelors of Science Open degree, and a Diploma in Design and Innovation, many transferable skills acquired; such as, marketing, programming, product innovation, and interactive design will benefit our design process.

If you wish to view a sample of my work please click on the link to my portfolio page.


So what happens next ?

If you want me to design you an amazing website please let me explain our process:

  • Collect information

    You fill in our questionnaire, this will give me the information that I need to get things started.

  • Register your domain name

    It is important to secure your desired website name before anyone else does.

  • Exchange ideas and build a prototype

    After receiving your initial feedback, I will contact you (in person if you are local to West Cornwall, or by email) and we can exchange ideas, your can submit material, such as written content, images etc.

  • Evaluate

    I will build a prototype for you to access, this can be viewed within a secure environment online.

  • Publish and go live

    After your approval the website if placed on the the internet for everyone to see.

If your would like to start the ball rolling please fill in our questionnaire here....